CloverETL – from the raw data to actionable insights

CloverETL in facts

Address:14 years on the market
Users:More than 2 thousand customers
Country:Proprietary CTL scripting language
Employees:Broad user community

About CloverETL

CloverETL is among the most advanced tools on the market.

CloverETL is a Czech multiplatform product from Javlin company, developed in Java and integrated into the Eclipse environment. The CloverGUI user interface supports users in designing ETL processes including data integration, transformation and migration. CloverETL can handle both structured and unstructured data. It can be run as a standalone application or as a part of a third party software system.

CloverETL consist of four basic products:

  • CloverETL Engine is in the core of all CloverETL products. It is a runtime layer in which the execution graphs (“graphs”) designed in CloverGUI are processed. It can be run as a standalone application via command line or as a part of another CroverETL product.
  • CloverETL Designer is a tool for modelling, design and tuning of the graphs designed in CloverGUI. It has the CloverETL Engine built-in so the graphs can be executed directly from the application.
  • CloverETL Server provides the back-end platform, multi-user web interface, task planning, server performance monitoring and other monitoring possibilities.
  • CloverETL Cluster provides multi-node architecture for parallel processing and high-availability data integration. This robust platform is capable of processing large data volumes quickly and reliably.
  • CloverETL Community is a light version of CloverETL Designer with limited functions available for free. It provides a unique opportunity for users with modest requirements to start with one the best ETL tools.
“Data preparation usually takes up to 80% of the whole project duration. Thanks to CloverETL this time can be dramatically reduced. Broad choice of components available in the tool eliminates the necessity of development of complex code and for its time consuming testing. CloverETL allows us to provide complex solutions in high quality and short time.”

Martin Veselý, Bits2B - Senior Consultant & Innovator

CloverETL key features


   Reads all data formats

CloverETL supports fixed-width data as well as data with separators. Various separators are supported even in a single data file. It means that loading data from a text file, API, JSON or a database is easy. CloverETL is linguistically gifted, it supports all character sets and text conversion from one character set to another.

   Supports all databases

CloverETL supports all databases with existing JDBC driver. Native support for Derby, Firebird, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Informix and DB2 databases is implemented.

   Broad choice of components

Component is as an object that performs a specific activity, e.g. conversion of measurement units. There are more than 120 components implemented in CloverGUI out of the box and users can also modify them or add new components.

   Parallel data processing

Execution graph is a set of components in defined order of execution. Graphs and components can be processed in parallel which shortens the data processing time significantly.

„CloverETL is a product of Czech company Javlin. We have very positive experience with them. They are always ready to help and that is a great advantage for us and for our customers.“

Martin Sakala, Bits2B - CEO

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