Alteryx Connect – data governance made simple

Alteryx Connect facts

Address:Known as Semanta (2008-2017)
Country:Supports cooperation among analysts
Employees:Enables search for data and reports
Users:Supports automatic loading of the metadata

About Alteryx Connect

Alteryx Connect is a unique platform for sharing the analytical knowledge, information and a variety of metadata. Alteryx Connect supports:

  • automatic load of the metadata from various sources (data models of databases, catalogues of reports etc.)
  • relations and dependencies among the metadata; and graphical presentation of the relationships e.g. data lineage.
  • creation, commenting and sharing of interactive documents and diagrams
  • metadata governance based on the ownership and stewardship principles
  • management of processes through the configurable workflow and the user roles
  • quick and easy search through the whole content (data catalogues, report catalogues, business glossaries etc.)


Alteryx Connect boosts cooperation among business analysts, IT and management teams.

“Our experience shows that managers and employees can find the reports faster with the Alteryx Connect than with native search capabilities of the reporting tools. They do not need to choose the reporting tool to start with the search as Alteryx Connect searches all the report catalogues at once.”

David May, Bits2B - Sales & Consulting

Alteryx Connect key features

  Google-like search

Alteryx Connect supports simple fulltext search with dynamic whispering as well as advanced search.

Advanced search allows for searching by object type, by folder, and by any object attribute.

When user does not apply any filters, the whole content is searched quickly. The results are displayed sorted by relevance and each object is labeled with icon identifying its type.

  Flexible object definitions

Each instance of Alteryx Connect contains a set of most common catalogues e.g. data catalogue, report catalogue or business glossary.

XML defined object templates can be modified by the administrator or new objects with required features can be created.

  Automatic load of the metadata

Alteryx Connect comes with a set of connectors which enable automated loading of the metadata from common third party tools e.g. databases, reporting platforms, ERP or CRM systems and data modelling tools. Any metadata loaded with a connector can be further enriched by users who can add annotations, labels and descriptions.

List of the available connectors can be found here:

  Relations and dependencies

Alteryx Connect objects contain various relations to other objects e.g. each object has its owner. Specific relations between tables in database models identify the source and the target table. This is used to display the complete data transformation from the source system to the report i.e. data lineage.


Nexus is a function within Alteryx Connect that is used to display interactive diagrams of objects and their relations. With Nexus it is easy to understand how a reported figure has been calculated or see all objects owned by the same user.

Alteryx Connect contains one more graphical tool called mxGraph plugin which enable users to create interactive diagrams and include them in the edited objects.


Alteryx Connect contains a set of modern cooperation tools. Users can comment any object, provide feedback to the object owner or set tasks for them. When Alteryx Connect is integrated with the mail server, users can be notified about the content changes, questions and tasks via e-mail.


The Alteryx Connect processes can be driven by configurable workflows. Example of a simple workflow is a managed creation of the business glossary content: a steward drafts a term’s definition and sends it for review to the owner, owner can approve the definition to be published or push it back to the steward for rework.

  “Time machine”

All versions of Alteryx Connect objects are stored and users can see highlighted changes between any two versions. The time machine is a function that displays the content of catalogues valid in a chosen historical moment.

  The AIR component

Alteryx Connect AIR can be used to display the content of catalogues within another browser window e.g. the window of the reporting tool. Users can see the data and the relevant metadata side by side without switching among windows.

„Companies can save significant amounts invested to BI development if they maintain clear and easy to use overview of the BI environment. With such an overview users can quickly and easily see whether their intended report or analysis was already prepared by someone else and avoid reinventing the wheel. With Alteryx Connect you get the right tool to achieve such savings and much more.“

Martin Veselý, Bits2B - Senior Consultant & Innovator

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