Our services complement each other, efficient data processing is in the core of our solutions.

Reporting and Data Visualization
Data Integration
Financial management
Metadata management
Reporting and Data Visualization
Information hidden in the data needs to be presented to users in a very clear form. Our experts have comprehensive experience in designing dashboards that are not just visually appealing representation of your data but truly support your employees decision making.
Properly chosen visualization is able to convey even the most complex information quickly. The company saves valuable time and employees can focus on their decisions rather than deciphering the data.

Provided services

  • Selection of a suitable reporting tool
  • Design of reports and visualizations
  • Development of specialized visualizations (embedded, geographic, mobile reporting)
  • Administration of reporting platforms SAP Business Objects, Qlik Sense
Data Integration
Companies often fail and are ineffective when they need to use data for other than the primary purpose of the application, or when they need to use data from multiple data sources. Such use of data requires considerable effort, expertise and is always associated with a number of difficulties, limitations and risks.

We help companies in such situation be more efficient and to focus on what they are really good at.

Provided services

  • Automated extraction and transfer of data (ETL), including validation and transformation
  • Consolidating of data from disparate data sources into a central repository (data marts or data warehouses)
  • Data modeling and historization of your data
  • Data profiling and data cleansing
  • Set automated monitoring and control of data quality
  • Set an efficient data management in your company (master data management)
Marketing in the 21st century is more and more data driven. The amount of public data sources, ease of integration, development of user-friendly tools for data exploration and data mining opens up vast new possibilities for common users.
The company, which is able to realize this potential, dramatically increases its efficiency, invests the resources better and provides positive customer experience.

Provided services

  • enrichment of data on information from external sources
  • systems integration Google Analytics, AdWords, Sklik …
  • data mining, micro-segmentation, predictive modeling
  • evaluation, automatic processing of commissions, reporting
Financial management
Well-managed company relies on high-quality professionals and data transformed to valuable information. It is important to identify key performance indicators and set the business strategy based on the strengths and weaknesses that emerge from the analysis. It is often difficult to step back from business as usual and ponder the overall strategy.
We offer independent view from outside, underpinned by analysis of the actual data.

Provided services

  • Setting up of the cost allocation system and system of production profitability measurement
  • Estimation of the demand function based on the product or segment modelling supported by advanced statistical methods
  • Setting up the key performance indicator system for monitoring and evaluation of the company performance
  • Implementation of risk measurement, evaluation and management system
Metadata management
Extracting useful information from the data requires knowledge of the context. This includes knowledge of the data structures, relations among data elements and business concepts, quality and freshness of the data, data lineage etc. Metadata management is a set of processes resulting in availability of appropriate context for data related activities e.g. analytics, reporting or data management.
Metadata management is supported by specialized tools like Alteryx Connect or Collibra.

Provided services

  • Installation, configuration and customization of Alteryx Connect / Collibra
  • Training for all types of users: principles of metadata management and practical skills in working with the tool
  • Help with creating the initial metadata content
  • Connection of the metadata toll to the business metadata repositories with appropriate connectors
  • Training of a business owner and technical administrator of the metadata tool
  • Technical support for upgrades
  • Outsourcing of the metadata management
  • Outsourcing of the metadata tool technical administration



Completely in the cloud

Cloud solutions enable small and medium-sized businesses benefit from “best in class” solutions.

Cloud solutions are future-proof, faster, less expensive and safer.

We take care of your data

We will design the appropriate application architecture for you, consolidate data and ensure that you always stay carefree because the necessary information is always available.

Safety and backup first.

Honest customized solution

We do not sell boxed solutions, everything is prepared and customized according to your needs. This ensures that you do not pay for what you do not need!

What you get is a functional and efficient solution scalable with your growing business.

Small investment, clear return

With us you do not pay more than you need, you pay for implementation and a monthly operational costs!

Everything is transparent and predictable, so you can easily evaluate the return on your project.


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