Qlik ‚Äď user friendly and interactive data visualization tool

Qlik in facts

Company founded in 1993 in Lund

40 thousand satisfied customers

In more than 100 countries

Global leader in data analytics

About Qlik company

Qlik is a market leader in visualization analytics. Qlik platform provides intuitive solutionbased on self-service data visualization, comprehensive dashboards and graphs that are easy to build. Companies of all sizes, industries and geographical locations can benefit from Qlik in everyday decision making.
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Currently the Qlik portfolio consists of five main products and services:

  • Qlik Sense¬†‚Äď self-service data visualization tool.
  • Qlik Analytics Platform¬†‚Äď platform for development of customized analytical applications.
  • QlikView¬†‚Äď data visualization tool for guided analytics.
  • QlikView NPrinting¬†‚Äď for pixel perfect reporting.
  • Qlik DataMarket¬†‚Äď data as a service (DaaS).


Qlik products and solutions are powered by the second generation QIX engine patented technology. (www.qlik.com/products/why-qlik-is-different).

Professional support through extensive partner network

Qlik experience is backed up by worldwide partner network. It includes leading system integrators and business consulting partners, solution providers, authorized training partners and resellers.
Bits2B is a Qlik authorized partner since January 2016.

Rich partner network is boosted with the Qlik community (community.qlik.com). Almost 100.000 active users share their ideas, knowledge and problem solutions there. By the 2015 the so called Qlik Branch (branch.qlik.com) was added to the community. It is a place to share and collaborate on open source projects and ignite innovation leveraging Qlik products.

Long-lasting leader in a world-renowned study

Gartner is a foremost company focusing on research and advisory in the IT industry. The Magic Quadrant study evaluates diverse service suppliers considering the aspects of quality, methodology, effectivity and many others metrics.

Qlik has kept its position among the top three companies in the last six years! (see the graph)

‚ÄúData preparation usually takes up to 80% of the whole project duration. Thanks to CloverETL this time can be dramatically reduced. Broad choice of components available in the tool eliminates the necessity of development of complex code and for its time consuming testing. CloverETL allows us to provide complex solutions in high quality and short time.‚ÄĚ


Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a key product for visual analytics. Various graphs, charts and tables can be aggregated to well-arranged dashboards. Qlik Sense is friendly for beginners as well as advanced users providing them with a powerful and flexible visualization available on desktop, tablet and mobile. Qlik Sense is based on an associative engine that enables drilling from aggregation of millions of items down to a specific record within a few clicks. It supports natural curiosity and does not slow down with a complicated user interface.

Want to try Qlik Sense on your desktop? Go ahead, download it here for free (www.bits2b.com/en/qlik-sense-download). This version runs locally on your Windows computer and you can try out creating, modifying and sharing different Qlik applications. Qlik Sense Enterprise brings additional features like sharing of the work online with the advantage of running on high performance servers. The server can be your own or virtual e.g. AWS.

Qlik Sense key features

Associative data model

Browsing the Qlik Sense applications is very easy and intuitive thanks to natural interaction, selection and data search. QIX engine reacts on every click recalculating and highlighting all the data relationships immediately. This way Qlik Sense reveals the factors which could be overlooked using other query tools.

Intelligent full text search

The way you search in Qlik Sense is unique and quite different from other BI solutions. Users can search keywords through the whole data set revealing not only specific data values but also related metrics and relationships among different data fields. This way the immediate data overviewis available regardless of complexities in the data model.

Elegant and responsive visualization

Qlik Sense offers innovative visualization methods. Various summarization and data compression techniques, colour gradients and smooth animations are built-in. Qlik Sense is completely independent of the display size and resolution, users can access all of its functions on any device. Visualizations are smooth, interactive and driven by the change of a context anywhere in the application.

Intuitive self-service analytics

Everyone is a business analyst with the Qlik Sense. No more waiting for new reports or requested changes in analyses. Analyses are built easily by adding various objects (charts, graphs, tables etc.) to the application. You don’t need to know the details of the data model or the SQL syntax.

Interactive and well-arranged reporting

Reporting enables users to create and present graphically rich dashboards aiming to share insights and facilitate discussion of the topic. All visualizations can be exported to PDF or PowerPoint for presentation outside of Qlik Sense.

Modularity and extensibility

Qlik Sense can be customized easily. It offers complete API instruction set to extend the application with new objects and visualizations to satisfy special requirements. Developers with standard knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript and .NET are sufficiently equipped to develop such extensions.

Large data sources integration

Qlik Sense provides built-in robust integration tool, which supports cleansing, transformation and integration of data from various data sources. Virtually any data source can be integrated no matter if it is a table, a database, an ERP system or a web page. Intelligent data profiling automatically identifies potential relations in the data from different sources so even a user with no experience in data modelling can load and integrate data from multiple sources.

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